PKF supports the UNESCO view that cultural development has the potential to be an alternative way of promoting sustainable development in poor rural communities, especially in third-world countries. The Foundation promotes networking among communities in order to create ‘cultural capital’.

For us, culture stands for language, music, literature, visual arts, dance, drama, oral traditions, and traditional practices. The Foundation strives to spotlight local food, local artists and their work, and folk music, among other things. On the humanitarian front, the Foundation promotes women and literature. We believe our strength is in collaborating with likeminded people and institutions.

Promoting diversity in literature and culture is a crucial part of What We Do, more so in the time and place that we live in today. The Foundation’s focus on the different dimensions of diversity enhances the literary and cultural spectrum, opens new doors, stimulates engagement and helps build inclusion.


We believe that to build an enabling and engaged cohort for Art and Culture, a holistic approach is intrinsic. Throughout its journey, Prabha Khaitan Foundation has endeavored to create, promote, preserve and revitalize Indian art and culture by highlighting it through its verticals. And what better way to shape the cultural landscape of India than through cuisine and craft?